Between speech and presentation

Musicality is almost synonymous to “hitting the beat”.
It refers to the idea of being in sync with the environment.
In the world, there are such things as rhythm, pace, cycle and kontrapunkt.
“Hitting the beat” can be also translated to “catching the moment.”
“Catching the moment” refers to the idea of being spontaneous and yet on point.
Then musicality can be reworded as spontaneously being on point.
But being spontaneously on point is a kind of loosely repeated and rehearsed action.

Dancing is like speech. When one speaks, it asks of a response from the listener.
Speech predicates a dialogue, unless it’s a presentation.
Presentation is something more prepared with less spontaneity.
Can you bring dialogue into presentation?
When one dances in a cypher, one exchanges the “energy,” roughly speaking, with others.
There can be an exchange of more direct syntactic responses, but not always, and that’s fine.
Dancing in a cypher is always somewhere between a speech and presentation.

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