Q35. recourse to the subject

Quote of the day

If all psychology since that of Protagoras has elevated man by conceiving him as the measure of all things, it has thereby also treated him from the first as an object, as material for analysis, and transferred to him, once he was included among them, the nullity of things. The denial of objective truth by recourse to the subject implies the negation of the latter: no measure remains for the measure of all things; lapsing into contingency, he becomes untruth.

Minima Moralia, Theodor Adorno, p.63


recourse: 의존함, 의지함, 상환청구권
contingency: 우연성, 우발사건, 임시비용
flagrant: 악명높은
capitulate: 항복하다
racket: 소란, 야단법석
apocryphal: 출처가 의심스러운
charlatan: 허풍선이, 돌팔이
proviso: 단서, 조건, 제한
expropriate: 몰수하다, 징발하다, 수용하다
withhold: 보류하다, 억누르다, 숨기기, 감추기

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