Q42. J33. dialectical snook

Quote of the day

It is the concern of dialectics to cock a snook at the sound views held by later powers-that-be on the immutability of the course of the world, and to decipher in their ‘proportions’ the faithful and reduced mirror-image of inordinately enlarged disproportions.
…and it is true today as in the Middle Ages that only fools tell their masters the truth. The dialectician’s duty is thus to help this fool’s truth to attain its own reasons, without which it will certainly succumb to the abyss of the sickness implacably dictated by the healthy common sense of the rest.

Minima Moralia, Theodor Adorno, p.72-73


folly: 어리석은 행동, 어리석게 돈만 많이 들인 물건
obstinacy: 완고, 고집, 난치
snook: 엄지손가락을 코 끝에 대고 다른 네 속가락을 펴보이는 조롱하는 동작
inordinate: 과도한
talmudic: pertaining to Talmud
succumb: 굴복하다
implacable: 달래기 어려운, 앙심깊은, 냉혹한

Journey and Journal

어제 말이 통하는 직장동료와 오쇼의 강의녹음을 들으며 얘기를 나누었다. 아도르노가 주창하는 헤겔의 변증법과 마찬가지로, 오쇼가 주창하는 명상이란 “현실”이라는 대상의 세계에서 거꾸로 돌아 자신으로 향하는 길로써 진실을 벗기는 것이라 받아들였다.

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