Q45. J36. Zerstörung der Kunst

Quote of the day

It is this impulse to self-destruction inherent in works of art, their innermost striving towards an image of beauty free of appearance, that is constantly stirring up the aesthetic disputes that are apparently so futile. While obstinately seeking to establish aesthetic truth, and trapping themselves thereby in an irresoluble dialectic, they stumble on the real truth, for by making the works of art their own and elevating them to concepts, they limit them all, and so contribute to the destruction of art which is its salvation. Aesthetic tolerance that simply acknowledges works of art in their limitation, without breaking it, leads them only to a false downfall, that of a juxtaposition which denies their claims to indivisible truth.

Minima Moralia, Theodor Adorno, p.76

Während sie trotzig und verstockt das ästhetische Recht finden wollen und eben damit einer unstillbaren Dialektik verfallen, gewinnen sie wider Willen ihr besseres Recht, indem sie vermöge der Kraft der Kunstwerke, die sie in sich aufnehmen und zum Begriff erheben, jedes einschränken und so auf die Zerstörung der Kunst hinarbeiten, die deren Rettung ist.

Minima Moralia, Theodor Adorno, p.40


ell: L자의
agon: (옛그리스)(희곡에서 주요인물간의)갈등, 경쟁
obstinate: 완고한, 불치병의
巴 꼬리 파: 손을 내밀어 잡아 당기는 모습. (임파선淋巴腺)
把 잡을 파: 手 손 수 + 巴 꼬리 파. 손으로 잡는 모습. 파악(파악)
肥 살찔 비: 肉 고기 육(좌, 아래에 놓인 月 = 肉) + 巴 꼬리 파. 고기를 탐하는 모습. 비만(肥滿)
trotzig: stubborn, obstinate
verstockt: stubborn
unstillbar: insatiable, irresoluble
Zerstörung: destruction
Rettung: salvation
einschränken: to restrict, limit
verfallen: to decay, expire, lapse
gewinnen: win, obtain
gewinnen wider Willen: stumble upon
vermöge: by virtue of
sich aufnehmen: assimilate, internalize, making one’s own
hinarbeiten: contribute

Journey and Journal

그저께는 밤에 지고 말았다.
밤새 잠을 못자고 Attack on Titan 애니메이션을 보며 야식을 했다.
중세가 배경인 Attack on Titan은 Game of Throne과 마찬가지로 두철수 팟캐스트에서 징후적으로 해석하는 것처럼,
우리가 살고 있는 후기자본주의 시대가 중세와 같이 역사가 사라진 암흑의 시대임을 반영하는 듯 하다.
역사는 기억과 상상을 통해 운동하기 때문에.
오늘은 아침을 얻었다gewinnen.

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