Category: Dance Training Log

D1. [dance-training-log]

Dragging Hook Down-rock to Hand-swipe to Shoulder-roll
Up Down Knee-rock variation
Up and Down CC-rock variation
Round Sweep-step One Two
Turn and Soar Up-rock CC to One-step Go-down
Cross-knee CC Hop
Stepping-down to No Hand Reverse CC
No Hand One-step Sweep to No Hand Reverse One-step Sweep
Coffee-grinder One Two
Baby-freeze Switch
One-step Go-down to Baby-freeze Switch
Floor Flip to Baby-freeze
Backspin to Baby-freeze
Windmill to Baby-freeze
Swipe to Baby-freeze
Rainbow-roll to Chair-drill
Zulu-spin to 1990
Side-shuffle Travel
Front-shuffle UFO
Spin-down to Knee-lock-spin