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Q6. the choice of private acquaintances

Quote of the day

The eyes take on a manic yet cold look of grasping, devouring, commandeering. There is no remedy but steadfast diagnosis of oneself and others, the attempt, through awareness, if not to escape doom, at least to rob it of its dreadful violence, that of blindness. Utmost caution is called for, particularly in the choice of private acquaintances, as far as choice still remains.

Minima Moralia, Theodor Adorno, p.33


apprise – 알리다, 통고하다
expropriate – 몰수하다, 징발하다, 수용하다
impartial – 치우치지 않은
sapped – 수액을 짜내다
unmarked – 상처가 없는, 눈에 띄지 않는
unduly – 과도하게
conversive – 경련성의
ensue – 찾다, …의 결과로서 일어나다
lakcey – 하인
cadger – 행상인, 거지
ingratiate – 마음에 들게 하다
archaistic – 고풍화, 고체의
austerity – 엄격, 엄숙, 검소, 내핍 생활
shipshape – 정돈된
seaworthy – 항해에 적합한, 항해에 견딜 수 있는
esoteric – 소수의 학자에게만 전수되는, 비전의, 비밀의