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Q20. dismantling of being idle gossip

Quote of the day

Behind the pseudo-democratic dismantling of ceremony, of old-fashioned courtesy, of the useless conversation suspected, not even unjustly, of being idle gossip, behind the seeming clarification and transparency of human relations that no longer admit anything undefined, naked brutality is ushered in.

Minima Moralia, Theodor Adorno, p.42


compatriot – 동포
disrepute – 나쁜 평판
purport – 취지, 목적, 의미
solace – 위안
embroil – 논쟁에 휩쓸리게 하다
parsimony – 극도의 검약
sheath – 칼집, 외장
interpose – 사이에 끼우다, 삽입하다
abstain – 금주하다, 기권하다
importune – 끈질기게 조르다, 성가시게 하다
filigree – 선조세공, 가는 줄 세공, 섬세한 물건
mortar – 회반죽, 시멘트
tinge – 엷은 색조
illicit – 불법의, 부정의
divagation – 방황
timbre – 음색