Q50. J40. vocation of life

Quote of the day

Text which anxiously undertake to record every step without omission inevitably succumb to banality, and to a monotony related not only to the tension induced in the reader, but to their own substance.

Rather, knowledge comes to us through a network of prejudices, opinions, innervations, self-corrections, presuppositions and exaggerations, in short through the dense, firmly-founded but by no means uniformly transparent medium of experience.

This inadequacy resembles that of life, which describes a wavering, deviating line, disappointing by comparison with its premisses, and yet which only in this actual course, always less than it should be, is able, under given conditions of existence, to represent an unregimented one. If a life fulfilled its vocation directly, it would miss it.

Minimal Moralia, Theodor Adorno, p.80-81


injunction: 명령
induce: 권유하다
recondite: 심원한
vitiate: …의 가치를 떨어뜨리다
discursive: 광범위한, 추론적인
innervation: 신경분포, 신경감응
incur: (빚을 지다)(손실을)입다
wavering: 머뭇거리다, 떨리다, 동요하다
regiment: 연대
unregimented: 무자비한
vocation: 직업, 적성, 천직
reel: 감는 틀, 얼레
satchel: 학생가방
歌 노래 가: 哥 성씨 가 + 欠 하품 흠. 일하며 노래를 부르는 모습. (가수歌手)
歎 탄식할 탄: 難 어려울 난 + 欠 하품 흠. 난관앞에서 한숨쉬는 모습. (한탄恨歎)
歡 기쁠 환: 雚 황새 관 + 欠 하품 흠. 멋진 눈썹의 황새처럼 눈웃음 짓으며 환호하는 모습. (환영歡迎)
erfüllen: fulfill
Bestimmung: determination, destiny, purpose
verfehlen: miss, neglect

Journey and Journal

the reading room was a recondite place towered with books
used books are not vitiated
he induced him his book collection
unregimented regime and unregimented volcano
innervation of recondite books and incurred places
He wavers and 歎 before writing the next sentence.
雚 눈썹이 멋진 황새는 歌 노래도 멋질까?

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