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Q51. J41. writing and homeland

Quote of the day

Rather, the dialectic advances by way of extremes, driving thoughts with the utmost consequentiality to the point where they turn back on themselves, instead of qualifying them. The prudence that restrains us from venturing too far ahead in a sentence, is usually only an agent of social control, and so of stupefaction.

If he succeeds in saying entirely what he means, it is beautiful. Beauty of expression for its own sake is not at all ‘too beautiful’, but ornamental, arty-crafty, ugly. But he who, on the pretext of unselfishly serving only the matter in hand, neglects purity of expression, always betrays the matter as well.

The soundness of a conception can be judged by whether it causes one quotation to summon another. Where thought has opened up one cell of reality, it should, without violence by the subject, penetrate the next.

For a man who no longer has a homeland, writing becomes a place to live… In the end, the writer is not even allowed to live in his writing.

Wer keine Heimat mehr hat, dem wird wohl gar das Schreiben zum Wohnen.
.. Am Ende ist es dem Schriftsteller nicht einmal im Schreiben zu wohnen gestattet.

Minima Moralia, Theodor Adorno, p.87


trifling: 하찮은, 게으른, 천박한
pedantic: 학자연하는, 아는체하는
begrudge: 시기하다, 아까워하다, 꺼려하다
lees: 술의 찌꺼기
coquetry: 교태, 아양
seldom: 드물게, 좀처럼
triteness: 진부함, 케케묵음, 흔해빠짐
abominable: 지긋지긋한
skewered: 꼬치로 꿰인
brackish: 짭짤하고 더러운, 소금기있는, 불쾌한
swill: 꿀꺽꿀꺽 들이키다
caesura: 행간의 휴지, break, pause
unschematic: 도식이 없는
thicket: 덤불, 잡목숲
slovenliness: 단정치 못한, 아무렇게나 함
salutary: 유익한, 건강에 좋은
complacency: 자기만족
concession: 양보
drab: 단조로움, monotony
banal: 케케묵은, 진부한
appurtenance: 부속품
platitude: 단조, 평범
scruple: 망설임, 의심, 양심의 가책
vanity: 허영심
prudence: 사려분별
reified: 구체화하다, 구상화하다
solicitous: 걱정하는, 열심인, 열망하는
flit: 훨훨날다, 급속히 지나가다
trundle: 돌리다, 던지다, 수레로 운반하다
lumber: 잡동사니, 잡동사니로 장소를 가로막다
conducive: 도움이 되는
gestattet: allowed
巴 꼬리 파
把 잡을 파
肥 살찔 비
爬 긁을 파
色 빛 색
欠 하품 흠
吹 불 취
炊 불 땔 취
飮 마실 음
欲 바랄 욕
慾 욕심 욕
歌 노래 가
歎 탄식할 탄
歡 기쁠 환

Journey and Journal

trite living space
banal expressions
drab design
trifling style
abominable platitude
반복되는 歌
(欠) => {keep distance}

欲飮 = swill skewered brackish Danish Hering
less begrudge lees
don’t scruple
reify and schematize
flit over thicket