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Q46. J37. die Verblendung

Quote of the day

…it is only infatuation, the unjust disregard for the claims of every existing thing, that does justice to what exists.
…everything depends on the manner of transition.

One might almost say that truth itself depends on the tempo, the patience and perseverance of lingering with the particular: what passes beyond it without having first entirely lost itself, what proceeds to judge without having first been guilty of the injustice of contemplation, loses itself at last in emptiness. Liberality that accords men their rights indiscriminately, terminates in annihilation, as does the will of the majority that ill uses a minority, and so makes a mockery of democracy while acting in accordance with its principles.

Minima Moralia, Theodor Adorno, p.76-77

…es ist einzig die Verblendung, das ungerechte Verschließen des Blicks gegen den Anspruch, den alles Daseiende erhebt, wodurch dem Daseienden Gerechtigkeit widerfährt.
…alles liegt an der Weise des Übergangs.

Minima Moralia, Theodor Adorno, p.41


capitulate: 항복하다
infatuation: 열중하게 하기, 심취
sabbath: 안식일
rapture: 황홀경
dispense: 분배하다, 특면하다
blinkered: obscured
perdition: 파멸
salve: 달래다
insipid: 풍미가 없는, 무미건조한
burgeoning: 싹트는
boisterous: 거친, 사나운
revulsion: 격변 반감, 극도의 혐오감
Verblendung: infatuation, blindness
Anspruch: claim, entitlement
widerfahren: befall
Übergangs: transition
爬 긁을 파: 爪 손톱 조 + 巴 꼬리 파. 손톱으로 긁는 모습. (파충류爬蟲類)
色 빛 색: 人 사람 인 + 巴 꼬리 파. 남녀가 서로 껴안으니 얼굴 빛이 달아오른다. (색채色彩)

Journey and Journal

아침에 커튼으로 싹트는burgeoning 빛에 일찍 깼다.
토요일이다. 유대교에서는 안식일sabbath인가보다.
독서와 글쓰기에 심취하고 싶은 마음에 무미건조한insipid 침대에서 빠져나왔다.