Q22. J14. lie of the commodity world

Quote of the day

…in face of the lie of the commodity world, even the lie that denounces it becomes a corrective.
People who belong together ought neither to keep silent about their material interests, nor to sink to their level, but to assimilate them by reflection into their relationships and so surpass them.

Minima Moralia, Theodor Adorno, p.45


lull – 달래다, 가라앉히다
adversary – 적
expostulation – 충고
inexorable – 무정한, 냉혹한
pathos – 애틋함을 자아내는 힘
discern – 식별하다
chimerical – 괴물같은
extirpate – 근절하다, 절멸하다
impotent – 무력한
reproach – 꾸짖다, 비난하다, 치욕, 망신
malice – 악의
strew – 표면에 뿌리다, 흩뿌리다
dubious – 모호한, 수상쩍은
immanent – 내재적인
complicity – 공모

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