Q23. J15. the tough guys are the truly effeminate ones

Quote of the day

The more someone has espoused the cause of his own aggregation, the more perfectly he represents the repressive society. In this sense more than in any other, perhaps the proposition is true that the most individual is the most general.

In the end the tough guys are the truly effeminate ones, who need the weaklings as their victims in order not to admit that they are like them.
In making all without exception, even supposed subjects, its objects, this principle becomes totally passive, virtually feminine.

Minima Moralia, Theodor Adorno, p. 45-46


racket – 소란, 야단법석, 쓰라린 경험
appurtenance – 부속품
espouse – 결혼하다, 처로 삼다, 지지하다
virility – 정력, 에너지, 남자다움
tacit – 무언의, 침묵의
scrupulous – 꼼꼼한, 양심적인, 고지식한, 빈틈없는, 신중한
seldom – 드물게
latent – 숨어있는
sprawl – 쭉펴다, 쭉뻗다
effeminate – 여자같은
stratum – 지층, 사회계층
屰 거스를 역 – 사람을 거꾸로 그린 것. 다른 글자와 결합해 반대를 의미함.
逆 거스를 역 – 쉬엄쉬엄 갈 착 + 거스를 역. 거스르다, 거역하다, 어긋나다 (역풍逆風)
朔 초하루 삭 – 거스를 역 + 달 월. 달이 반대로 차오르다. (만삭滿朔)

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